Does TDT Tropin® contain parabens?

First, a paraben is a general term for any compound that has a benzyl ring with a methly, ethyl, propyl or even phenyl group attached but on the opposite side as is found normally (naturally).

Second, these compounds have been found to be detrimental in large quantities but still required by regulators in production of creams and lotions to prevent bacterial or fungal or viral growth.

Now, to answer your concern:
1. The amount of methyl paraben found in TransD was so negligible, it was barely detectable.
2. The amount in question was less than most things you use everyday in everyday life.
3. The amount actually is no longer an issue because all parabens were taken out of TransD and all our products as of April 2008. This was done ONLY because of confusion among the consumer population regarding the above issues.

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