How To Use

With TDT Tropin Plus®, there are no pills to pop, no periodic painful procedures, and no expensive painful injections to receive. TDT Tropin Plus® is a non-sticky, topical cream that you simply rub in to smooth areas of skin. Many people love the experience, especially since a number of users see results almost instantly.

A little TDT Tropin Plus® goes a long way. You don’t have to use very much – just apply a few drops for each location. All areas of your body could be improved through the daily application of TDT Tropin Plus®.

Many of the changes you experience are subtle and obvious only if you are in tune with your body. However, most people can notice changes in well being and regained youthful appearance.

General Instructions for TDT Tropin Plus® Use

  • Shake bottle well before each use.
  • Apply 10-15 drops of TDT Tropin Plus® morning and night.
  • For optimum results divide drops and apply to multiple treatment areas
  • It is suggested while using TDT Tropin Plus® to get adequate rest, maintain nutritional levels, and proper hydration.

Anti-Aging Protocol

  • Apply 10-15 drops, 3 times a day, around the following time periods:
    • Upon Rising
    • Around Lunch Time
    • Before Retiring at Night

To all TDT Tropin® Users: Please remember that it took YEARS for your body to get where it is now. Although the majority of clients notice changes quickly, it may take a few months to get the results that you expect. Consistency is the key to achieving optimal benefits from the product.